Episode 3: The One About VR

Overall topic this episode is VR and why it's coming back. (Recorded on August 5th, 2015)

- Alex Reis: twitter.com/alexmreis
- Eric Hartin: twitter.com/fraeon
- Jim Myhrberg: twitter.com/jimeh


- What are we playing? (2:06)

- Tomb Raider Xbox One exclusive details. [Correction: PC release "early 2016", PS4 relase "holiday 2016"] (10:30)
- Various EA Gamescom related annoucements/rants. Mostly about Unravel, indie developers, and Kickstarted games. (12:30)
- Blizzcon accouncements. (22:49)
- The death of Dinklebot in Destiny. Nolan North replaces Peter Dinklage as the voice of Ghost. (24:27)
- The (new) Doom multiplayer looks awesome. (26:05)

Virtual Reality:
- Why is VR important now compared to the 90s? (28:20)
- VR input schemes and systems that work and don't work for shooters. (33:36)
- Killer apps: Horror, cockpit/racing-based, shooters. (36:57)
- Why are people interested in VR again now? (40:32)
- VR in Sci-fi. Our discussion almost plays out as a list of anime and book suggestions rather than being on topic :P (45:23)
- Reality is broken. (57:49)
- VR Hardare faceoff. (1:00:01)
- Is our reality a virtual reality already? (1:06:13)

P.S. Due to summer holiday trips, and otherwise heat-induced chaos, this episode is published just over a month after it we recorded it. With summer heat strokes and obligatory "zomg its hot must have holiday kthxbye" craziness out of the way, new episodes should come on a more regular basis in the future :)